Projects Committee


The goal of the Projects Committee is to work hands-on on bioengineering related projects, and for members to use/develop skills such as Arduino, Autodesk Fusion 360, 3D printing, programming, circuit design and more. The aim for each semester is to complete projects that can be used for demonstration purposes by the Outreach/BioEHSC Committees, to spread more awareness about bioengineering related technologies to high school students. For example, the Projects Committee has worked on an EKG device that could monitor the activity of the heart, a catapult that could aim and fire based on EMG signals in the arm, a virtual keyboard controlled by EMG sensors, an assistive mini-robot capable of following a human face, and a 3D-printed hand capable of moving in sync with a human hand. Several of these projects were used by Outreach Committee in their high school visits, and have also been showcased at BioE Day and BioEHSC.

For Committee Members

The Projects Committee will be centered on organizing hands-on bioengineering-related workshops and projects that provide skill development opportunities for candidates and general members. The committee will emphasize biomedical projects that involve various leading tools such as Arduino/Raspberry Pi, AlphaFold, Autodesk Fusion 360, and more. This semester, the completed projects will be showcased and be used for demonstration purposes at BioEHSCTM, introducing bioengineering-related technologies to high school students. In the past, the committee has built an EKG and an EMG-powered catapult triggered by arm muscle flexion, and has hosted workshops on wet lab techniques, circuit design, and protein structure prediction. The Projects Committee offers a range of opportunities for members to get involved, from understanding foundational design principles to learning how software version control (Git) works. We welcome members of all skill levels, and no technical background is required.


Link to all Projects Committee projects (in progress).

Prototype for an assistive eye-tracking device (Fall 2018).

Demo of face-tracking mini robot (Fall 2018).

Demo of EMG Keyboard at BioE Day (Spring 2017).

Left Hand: Flexing and unflexing to demonstrate the analog EMG signal.

Right Hand: Demo of EMG-typing — A mouse automatically cycles over the keyboard, and the right hand flexes when the mouse hovers over the desired letter (shown in the textbox to the right of the screen).

Demo of EMG sensors at BioE Day (Spring 2017).

Projects Committee members at BioE Day (Spring 2017).

Projects Committee tabling with BioEHS seniors at Cal Day (Spring 2017).

Catapult that rotates, aims, and fires based on EMG signals in the arm (Spring 2017).

Interactive demo of EMG-controlled catapult at BioE Day (Spring 2017).

3D-printed hand being assembled (Fall 2018).