Academic Committee


The Academic Committee is devoted to fostering academic development for BioE students. The committee regularly hosts alumni panels for students to gain insight into the different routes they can take after graduation (MTM, MS, MD, PhD, MD/PhD, industry), luncheons with faculty in the BioE department, and study sessions. Academic Committee also hosts a scheduling advising session right before Phase 1 to help answer any questions students might have and to help students find coursework tailored to their interests within BioE. Our goal is to help BioE students navigate their academic journeys at Berkeley!

For Committee Members

Hello and welcome to the Academic Committee!

We will be meeting up once a week throughout the semester. During the beginning of the semester, we'll put a hard lens on how to email professors (daunting!) and we will cover basic post-graduation information, such as comparing and contrasting getting a Master's versus a PhD. You will have two subcommittees this semester to choose from: Academic Seminars and Academic Support. In Academic Seminars, we will focus on utilizing your new-found academic knowledge to set up grad school panels, journal readings, and professor coffee-chats for all members to attend. In Academic Support, we will set up study sessions, compile course resources, and organize an academic advising session to help our general members (and us) pick classes. We are also open to hearing all your wonderful ideas and feedback on how you think we can improve the Academic committee and make it fit for you!

By the end of the semester, all academic committee members will have expanded both their academic vocabulary and their networking opportunities. Come join the Academic Committee and learn more about the academic opportunities available in bioengineering!